The Train Depot

The train depot was built in 1888. Trains were an important means of transportation for people and agricultural products through the 1950s.

Jimmy Carter Presidential Campaign Headquarters inside the Depot (8)

Carter campaign headquarters.

Jimmy Carter used the depot as his Presidential Campaign Headquarters beginning in 1975. This brought worldwide attention to the small town of Plains, Georgia.

The depot campaign headquarters was operated by friends and family members. Thousands of visitors poured into Plains to learn about the peanut farmer that was running for President of the United States of America. As you enter the main floor of the depot you can almost feel the excitement as you listen and explore the campaign.


The Grin Will Win!


Jimmy Carter speaks to a crowd from the platform of the Democratic Whistlestop train.

The depot’s exhibits tell the story of the democratic primaries. Peanuts and Jimmy Carter’s famous smile were used on many campaign items.

Then in 1976, Jimmy Carter rose from virtual political obscurity to win the presidential election. The grin, indeed, did win.