About the Education Program

The Education Program began in 1996 as a curriculum-based program for organized school groups visiting the historic sites in Plains, Georgia. Students had the opportunity to explore the historic resources through interactive activities at Plains High School Museum, the 1976 Presidential Campaign Headquarters-Depot, and the Jimmy Carter Boyhood Farm through special developed field trips meeting the curriculum requirements per grade level. Annette Wise started the program through a partnership and ran the program from 1996-2016. After 40 years serving as a teacher and instructional specialist, Ms. Wise retired at the end of the 2016 school year.

The Education Program website began in 1997 and will continue as an Educational Resource for teachers.  If you participated in the educational program and would like to have a copy of a resource used either onsite or offsite, please email plainsed@jimmycarter.info and request the item you are interested in using. Many items will be stored digitally online through this website, but if you don’t see what you need, please let me know.


Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter answers student questions.

Rosalynn Carter talking to students about her school days at Plains High School in the 1930s Restored Classroom. Mrs. Carter started school at Plains High School as a first grader and then graduated from this school in the 11th grade. Schools in Georgia did not offer 12th grade until the 1950s.