Field Trip Special Topics: High School

These activities are designed for one class with 30 or less students. Activities can be adapted to various grade levels. For special request or additional information, please call 229-824-4104 ext.16.



AM.G.11 & AM.G.13
Analyzes methods involved in choosing political candidates and explains the methods involved in campaigning. (Students will use President Carter’s campaign for this lesson.)

Allow 45 minutes.

AM.G.27 & AM.G.28
Identifies the roles of a president and presidential powers.

Allow 30 minutes.



A.6 &A.7 &SSS.7
Identifies and describes how archaeologists use artifacts to explore development and lifestyles based on research  completed at Archery. (Students will participate in an object analyze activity.)

Allow 60 minutes.



Identifies and describes the powers, roles, and responsibilities of the legislative branch of the federal government. (Students will use Constitution booklets to locate law-making powers of Congress and the law making process. Copies of a law will be used for students to evaluate.)

Allow 45 minutes.

Identifies and describes the powers, roles and responsibilities of the executive branch of government. (Students will use Constitution booklets to locate information. Then each group will make an organization chart to plot this information.)

Allow 30 minutes

Recites the Pledge of Allegiance and understands the wording. (Student teams will analyze the wording followed by a group discussion.)

Allow 30 minutes



Discuss current Environment and Energy concerns. ( Students will also look at the Carter Administration and compare past issues with the current issues. This activity will include a tour of President Carter’s Boyhood Farm and Home to experience his lifestyle during his formative years and the impact of the environment and energy during the 1930-40’s.)

Allow 90 minutes.

CI.15 & CI.17 & CI.18 & CI.23
Discuss human rights issues in various countries in the world and learn about the mission of The Carter Center.

Allow 45 minutes.



US.30 & US.31
Analyzes the causes and effects of the Great Depression and World War II. (Students complete a Museum Scavenger Hunt which will deal with World War II and the Great Depression. Primary objects will be used for students to learn about this era in our history.)

Allow 60 minutes.

Foreign Relations during the Carter Administration which includes the Middle East oil embargo, the Iranian hostage crisis and the Camp David Accords. (Students will complete a museum activity using exhibits and recording facts.)

Allow 45 minute.



Plains High School Museum
Includes exhibits,1930’s classroom, time lines, and movies about Jimmy Carter. An excellent opportunity for research and fact finding skills through museum activities and active participation.

Depot and Town of Plains
Includes the history of Plains, the depot, transportation, and the 1976 Presidential campaign. An excellent opportunity to examine campaign items and the election process.

Boyhood Farm
Includes the childhood home of Jimmy Carter, a tenant farm house, and farm buildings. An excellent opportunity to learn about pre-electric life styles, farming during 1930’s, and Jimmy Carter’s childhood.